Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight, I Love You, Good Night! - children's sleepy time spray for pillow & linens


Do your little ones fear the monsters under their bed? Do they have nightmares or trouble falling asleep? Do you find yourself having trouble with them *wanting* to go to bed?

Our sleep sprays contain the highest quality essential oils and fragrance oils - creating a soothing and effective bedtime ritual to help your child want to cuddle into their beds, fall asleep and stay asleep! 2 oz. bottle with fine mist sprayer.

SWEET DREAMS, SLEEP TIGHT, I LOVE YOU, GOOD NIGHT!: watch the magic unfold as your children literally beg you to go to bed! Visions of candy are sure to unfold with this sweet blend of pink bubble gum and fluffy cotton candy!

To use: Shake well before use. Work this spray into your child's nighttime routine by gently misting pillow and bedding with 3 or 4 sprays.


Ingredients: distilled water, essential and/or fragrance oils, isopropyl alcohol.