Don't Marsh My Mallow Sampler


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It's a whole month's worth of melting! The Don't Marsh My Mallow sampler consists of thirty (30) marshmallow blends in 1oz. scent shot cups (.78oz each), PLUS a bonus marshmallow blend! It’s a total of 31 scent shots! 

The Don't Marsh My Mallow sampler contains the following:

*Mallow Rose

*Lavender Marshmallow

*Pomegranate Marshmallow

*Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

*Palo Santo Marshmallow Cream

*Chocolate Almond Marshmallow

*Cotton Candy Marshmallow

*Marshmallow Golden Clay & Amber

*Volcano Marshmallow

*Wild Raspberry & Tangerine Marshmallow

*H.P. Butter Brew Marshmallow

* Honey Jasmine Marshmallow

* Blueberry Marshmallow

* Lemon Marshmallow Sugar Cookies

* Banana Mallow

* Smoked Vanilla Marshmallow

* Strawberry Marshmallow

* Alice's Secret Wonderland Marshmallow

* Pineapple Flower Marshmallow

* Snowmint Mallow (vanilla/mint)

* Violet Mallow

* Raspberry Blossom Marshmallow

* Marshmallow Sandalwood

* Cozy Cabin Marshmallow

* Autumn In Europe (leaves/marshmallow fireside type)

* Caramel Marshmallow

* Ceora (cotton candy/marshmallow/waffle cone)

* Lady Bird (blue sugar/marshmallow fireside type)

* Orange Petal Marshmallow Whip

* Sweet Like Candy/Don't Marsh My Mallow


* Very Berry Mallow (1oz. scent shot cup)

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