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Bath Salt Soak - Bum Bum (Sol de Janiero type)

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Soak. Relax. Enjoy. Let the day's stress melt away with this luxurious blend of mineral-rich salts and botanicals. Our Bath Salt Soak includes, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and may contain Sterling or Pink Rose Petals and lavender buds, Comfrey Leaf, Aloe Vera, bicarbonate of soda, Kaolin Clay and may contain Organic Oatmeal, Dried Orange and Lemon Peels. Comes with a wooden scoop and muslin bag. 8 oz. resealable package.

Simply scoop some into the muslin bag and toss it into the tub for a relaxing botanical salt soak!

BUM BUM (Sol de Janiero): If you’ve never smelled this before, it’s absolute Heaven! “Brazilian Bum Bum Cream” is the most sought after product in the Sol de Janeiro line (mainly because of how amazing it smells, I'm sure) It’s an addictive blend of pistachio and salted caramel that will leave you drooling...uh, I mean, *wanting* more!