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Z - RTS - LARGE Melt Box

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Large Melt Box (ready to ship)

These are "extra" boxes remaining after all of the regular subscriptions have been fulfilled. Each box contains a variety of old favorites, current scents, and quite possibly new “yet-to-be-launched” scents - and the scents included will be based on the month/season for that box.

Each box will contain the following:
  • Twelve – 2 oz. Cup scent shots
  • One - 4 oz. Bag of “shapies” (shapes depend on time of year/season) 
  • One – 4 oz. Molten Wax 
  • PLUS two gifts (gifts may be from the "sister" companies, Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique or The Turdminator)!
Price includes Priority Mail Shipping to the USA (only).  The picture shown above is of a typical large Melt Box. Actual available Melt Boxes will vary in scents/colors/etc.

Note: This box will be shipped separately from any other item(s) ordered. No combining orders. 

If you would like to subscribe to our Monthly Melt Box, please click here: http://waxmosphere.com/t/monthly-melt-box-subscription