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Z - RTS - Sampler - Fruity Mallow

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The Fruity Mallow Sampler - featuring combinations of fruits with marshmallows for extra yummy goodness!

This sampler contains eight (8) 2 oz. cup scent shots (1.5 - 1.8 oz. each) in the following scents:

* Blueberry Mallow - Fresh blueberries and marshmallow bomb

* Huckleberry Mallow - sweet, juicy huckleberries and toasted marshmallows

* Banana Mallow - Ripened bananas with sweet, gooey marshmallow

* Wild Cherry Mallow Bomb - insane cherry scent with the most intense marshmallow!

*Strawberry Mallow - Fresh picked strawberries with marshmallow bomb

* Lemon Mallow - zesty lemon with sweet marshmallow

* Apple Mallow - MacIntosh apples and sticky marshmallows with sumptuous vanilla cream.

* Pineapple Mango Mallow - sweet pineapples, juicy mangos and sweet sticky marshmallow.

***These scents are included in the sampler. Please do not ask for substitutions.***

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