BITCHIN’ WAVES - texturing sea salt fine mist hair spray for beachy waves - 6.75oz/200ml


BITCHIN’ WAVES is a lightweight texturizing spray for effortless hair waves and beautiful, untamed style! This formula gives volume, body, definition and hydration with a refreshingly fine-mist of sea salt, aloe vera and coconut oil that won’t weigh your hair down or make it “crunchy”.  6.75oz/200ml in a continuous spray bottle (fragrance added upon request - if left blank, Bitchin’ Waves will be shipped unscented).

Ingredients: distilled water, organic aloe leaf juice, Dead Sea salts, epsom salt, fractionated coconut oil, polysorbate 20, germall plus (preservative),  premium fragrance oil. 


Shake well before using. Spray from your roots to the ends on damp or dry hair, then scrunch sections of your hair to create texture for a casually messy look. Let air dry or blow dry on lowest setting.