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  • USB AROMA Stick Diffuser (REFILL ONLY)

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    Want to change out the scent?  Try something else for a change? You probably don't need another USB adapter...so the refill kit comes with JUST the USB Aroma stick and bottle of oil!  

    This package contains the following:

    * 10 ml (1/3 oz.) bottle of your favorite Waxmosphere fragrance oil with Euro dropper (enough fragrance oil for 100 applications).
    * USB Aroma Fragrance Diffuser

    How To Use: Place one or two drops of Waxmosphere fragrance oil on the "X" mark on the diffuser. Plug it into the cigarette lighter adapter and into your car - OR - plug it into any USB slot on your computer in your office or cubicle!

    Available in:  Purple (OOS), Blue, Green (OOS) or Yellow