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USB AROMA Stick Diffuser (Complete Kit)

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Need some "smell good" for your car? Don't want to blow away your co-workers, but would like some nice scents in your cubicle or work area?

Freshen up your life with this unique and colorful USB AROMA diffuser stick. For use in your car, or while sitting at your computer, in your home, office or workplace cubicle! The USB AROMA diffuser is perfect for smaller spaces because it adds just the right amount of aroma to your immediate area.

This package contains the following:
* 10 ml (1/3 oz.) bottle of your favorite Waxmosphere fragrance oil with Euro dropper (enough fragrance oil for 100 applications).
* USB cigarette lighter adapter for your car 
* USB Fragrance Diffuser

How To Use: Place one or two drops of Waxmosphere fragrance oil on the "X" mark on the diffuser. Plug it into the cigarette lighter adapter and into your car - OR - plug it into any USB slot on your computer in your office or cubicle!

Available in:  Purple, Blue or Yellow