Salt Sizzlerz


SALT SIZZLERZ are made from PURE salt; with NO harmful additives or ingredients that can become caustic when heated. Salt Sizzlerz are a safer and cleaner alternative to wax melts and candles, as the salt crystals will not melt; they just let off a beautiful fragrance.  You can put some into a dish as a diffuser, or use them just like you would a wax melt or scoopable wax!  

Available in two sizes:  chunks or coarse-salts. 

Simply place a couple of salt chunks or sprinkle the coarse salt into your warmer dish and enjoy amazing scent. EASY cleanup too!  When the scent is gone, simply dump the salts into the trash and you're ready for more! Scent can last between 2 - 4 hours.  Comes in an 8 oz. jar with salt tongs for the large chunks, or a scoop for the coarse salts.