Perfume Monthly Sampler (pre-order for OCTOBER scents)

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This is a PRE-ORDER.  Please order this separate from any other items. Order September 1st through 20th, 2021, and from the 1st through 20th of each month thereafter to experience ALL of the amazing scents!

Each month that you order this sampler, you’ll receive ten (10) 5ml sized strong and long-lasting perfume samples in the theme for the following month. Example: Order July 1st - 20th and receive 10 sample perfumes for the August category. These samplers may include duplications of designer perfumes, duplications of other bath/body/candle products, scent manufacturers fragrances and occasionally a custom blend created by myself. Samplers will be shipped by the fifth of each month. Price includes USPS First Class mail. Selections may vary, depending on availability.
OCTOBER: fruity (ships by October  5th)
1. Alice's Secret Wonderland
2. Bergamot Bloom
3. Sweetness In Paris
4. Fruity Loops
5.Satin Jammies
6. What If The Moon Were Bigger? **
7. Japanese Pear & Ginseng
8. Mango Mai Tai
9. Pink Apple Punch
10. Skinny Jeans **

November: Earthy (Ships by November 5th)
December: Unisex and Masculine (Ships by December 5th)
January (2022): Vanilla (Ships by January 5th)
February: Woodsy (Ships by February 5th)
March: Sweet/Candy (Ships by March 5th)
April: Lush (Ships by April 5th)
May: Citrus (Ships by May 5th)
June: Floral (Ships by June 5th)
July: Green/Fresh (Ships by July 5th)
August: Oriental (Ships by August 5th)
September: Water/Beach (Ships by September 5th)
October: Fruity (Ships by October 5th)