The Turdminator Now you can poo, without the pee-u!




This is a “limited time order” - meaning this product will only be available until I feel they are no longer "new" scents. At that time this listing will be removed. 

Eight (8) of our newest scents, each in approximately 3/8 ounce of wax (the perfect amount for your warmer!) for approximately 3 oz. of wax.

These will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail if ordered alone ($3.92), or at our regular $7.00 flat rate if ordered with additional products.  All shipping overages (over $7.00) will be refunded.

Scents in New Scent Sampler #3 are:

SANTIAGO HUCKLEBERRY (Voluspa type) - wild huckleberries mixed with hints of lemon peel, vanilla extract and sugar cane for a delightful fruity aroma.

CHAMPAGNE TOAST (BBW type) - an invigorating aroma that combines bubbly champagne with notes of berries and citrusy tangerine to produce a fragrance that is refreshing and refined.

INTO THE BLUE (Escada type)- fresh cut grass, green leaves, tropical, fruity carambola and resinous marigold intermesh with succulent watermelon, sweet watery blue lotus and brightly vivid carnation. Warm musk, the incense and nuances of cedar, woody notes and golden amber intermingle to unite and enhance this green, ozonic, floral accord.

FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW - Delicious, fluffy marshmallows come to life in this sugary-sweet treat! The irresistible aroma of soft, puffy marshmallows is heightened and defined by tasty notes of white sugar and creamy vanilla, for a wonderfully scrumptious and familiar classic!

HOLIDAY SPARKLE - fresh blue spruce, tart apple cider, juicy cranberry, and sweet plum.

PINK APPLE PUNCH (BBW type) - sweet and juicy pink lady apples, spicy cinnamon and honey intermingle with fruit punch having hints of succulent peach. Subtly sweet nutmeg and watery melon harmoniously blend with warm musk, creamy vanilla, the tropical scent of coconut and sweet caramel to unite and enhance this fresh, gourmand fragrance.

BLACK ORCHID (for women-Tom Ford type) - a timeless fragrance with a heart consisting of black orchid, more imaginary than real, and of arboraceous and spicy scents.

BALTIC AMBER (Voluspa type) - rich amber, sandalwood and soothing musk with light hints of fresh citrus and exotic florals.