The Turdminator Now you can poo, without the pee-u!



    This is a “limited time order” - meaning this product will only be available until I feel they are no longer "new" scents. At that time this listing will be removed. 

    Eight (8) of our newest scents, each in approximately 3/8 ounce of wax (the perfect amount for your warmer!) for approximately 3 oz. of wax.

    These will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail if ordered alone ($3.92), or at our regular $7.00 flat rate if ordered with additional products.  All shipping overages (over $7.00) will be refunded.

    Scents in New Scent Sampler #1 are:

    F*cking Fabulous (Tom Ford type): an earthy and bold fragrance that remains faithful to the signature style of this fashion designer's creations with notes of bitter almond, Tonka, Orris, Cashmeran, Leather and Clary Sage.

    Frank & Myrrh: reminds me of going into an old Catholic church. Deep resinous balsam and musk with a little sage and sweet fig.

    Peppered Suede (White Barn type): lavender and bergamot are a winning combo for creating a relaxing setting, while amber wood and black pepper add spicy, smoky notes.

    Sparkling Icicles (BBW type): a bright refreshing blend of oakmoss and bergamot rounded out with a hint of fresh citrus.

    Mahogany Apple (BBW type): a friendly, warm blend of rich red mahogany woods, delicious apple, pink peppercorn and fresh lavender sprigs.

    Mango Mai Tai (BBW type): succulent mango nectar and the fragrant nuances of jasmine lei flower intermingle with sun-kissed grapefruit and the Oahu island scents of sugarcane. The base has the sweet aroma of the state tree of Hawaii - The woody tonalities of the kukui tree which blends harmoniously to enhance this special, exotic fragrance.

    Strawberry Bourbon Vanilla: A luscious blend of sultry bourbon, sweet vanilla, strawberry and apricot nectar.

    Bum Bum (Sol de Janeiro type): a creamy, warm dessert with a mix of pistachio, buttery caramel, and nuts.