Waxmosphere Squeezable Molten Wax, Tie-Dyed Wax Melts, Goobers and more!

JUNE ART Molten Wax Mini 1 oz. bottle 6-pack


JUNE ART Molten Wax Mini 1 oz. Bottle 6-Pack!  Selected for the June Molten Wax Art project on the Waxmosphere Facebook Group Page! 

This selection of Molten Wax was curated specifically for the JUNE Molten Wax Art project on our Facebook Group Page (www.facebook.com/groups/Waxmosphere). This collection is based on the monthly theme and comes in an assortment of colors, so you can create beautiful (and delicious smelling) pictures in your warmer bowl! Post your artwork (along with a picture of the bottles used to create your masterpiece) on the group page at any time throught the month - for a chance to win three "full sized" (4 oz.) bottles of Molten Wax, in your choice of scent!

You will receive a 1 oz. bottle of each scent listed below (which is between 2 - 8 uses per bottle, depending on how much Molten Wax you use).  Melt them alone...or use several at a time to create your own blends!  The possibilities are endless!



Molten Wax (patent pending) is an extremely strong scented squeezable soft wax. It is our proprietary blend and comes in a condiment-style bottle. Just a little bit goes a long way! Molten Wax needs no cure time and has no "shelf life"...so you don't have to worry about using it up within a certain time period. Don't bother with imitations!  Molten Wax is the strongest and most long-lasting squeezable wax available!

The theme for June is "HOT AIR BALLOONS"




Wind Dancer (teal-green): amber, cranberry, mandarin, black currant, cocoa with peach, rose, lily, violet, ending with earthy prairie silver sage.

Tranquility (pink): a beautiful blend of peaches and strawberries, with touches of rose and vanilla. 

Sun Shower (Yellow): clean and crisp. A refreshing scent with apple, kiwi and African violets.

Quantum Physics (purple): fruity pomegranate and juicy peach melded together with sweet marshmallow cream.

Magic In The Air (Blue): citrusy-fresh fruits and melon, with touches of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, apple, sandalwood, musk and sweet vanilla.

Lost In Paradise (Red): banana cream pie, strawberry and vanilla cream.