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Molten Wax Mini 1 oz. bottle MYSTERY 5-pack

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Molten Wax Mini 1 oz. MYSTERY Bottle 5-Pack!  A fantastic way to try an assortment of Molten Wax! 

A "mystery" selection of 5 scents of Molten Wax in a specific theme (fruity/bakery/fresh/floral/etc.). You will receive five 1 oz. bottles of scent in the theme selected (which is between 2 - 8 uses per bottle, depending on how much Molten Wax you use).  Melt them alone...or use several at a time to create your own blends!  The possibilities are endless!



Molten Wax (patent pending) is an extremely strong scented squeezable soft wax. It is our proprietary blend and comes in a condiment-style bottle. Just a little bit goes a long way! Molten Wax needs no cure time and has no "shelf life"...so you don't have to worry about using it up within a certain time period. Don't bother with imitations!  Molten Wax is the strongest and most long-lasting squeezable wax available!