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A Molten Wax Lemonade Sampler! This sampler contains eighteen (18) 1oz. bottles of Molten Wax (squeeze wax) in an assortment of yummy lemonade blends.

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Scents in this sampler will include:

* BOHO RASPBERRY LEMONADE (lemonade and bohemian raspberry)
* ELECTRIC BLUE LEMONADE (lemonade and boo berry)
* SPARKLING GINER LEMONADE (just like it sounds)
* SOUTHERN PEACH LEMONADE (sweet juicy peaches and tart lemonade)
* STRAWBERRY LEMONADE (fresh picked strawberries and lemonade)
* WATERMELON LEMONADE (an amazingly fresh scent!)
* LAVENDER LEMONADE (the slightest hint of soft lavender buds in sweetened lemonade)
* PPP (Pink Pomegranate Pineapple) Lemonade (fresh pineapple slices, juicy pomegranate and freshly squeezed lemons)
* SPARKLING MINT LEMONADE (lemonade with notes of champagne and fresh spearmint)
* TRIPLE MELON LEMONADE (cucumber, watermelon and honeydew with sweet lemonade)
* BLACKBERRY MINT LEMONADE (sweet blackberries, a sprig of mint and freshly squeezed lemonade)
* ISLAND WAVE LEMONADE (banana, pineapple, dragon fruit and lemonade)
* SHIRLEY TEMPLE LEMONADE (lemon and lime with a dash of cherry)
* VANILLA  BERRY LEMONADE (sweet vanilla, assorted red berries and lemon)
* COCONUT LEMONADE (rich coconut, star anise, island blossoms and lemonade)
* PARADISE PUNCH LEMONADE (fruits of cherry, grape, orange, pineapple and of course...lemonade!)
* PINK PANTIES LEMONADE (pink rose petals and tart lemonade)