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  • Lemonade Sampler (Molten Wax) (3rd run)



    This Lemonade Sampler is "MADE TO ORDER" and includes eighteen (18) - 1 oz. mini Molten Wax bottles in variations of the worlds most popular refreshing drink! 


    Scents include:

    Another Day, Another Smile **: sweet honeydew melon with bold, tart lemonade.

    Corcovado **: a tropical twist on classic lemonade, including pineapple and lime.

    East of the Sun & West of the Moon **: zesty lemonade with orange slices, cranberries and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

    Flip Side **: watermelon lemonade with a "sprig" of spearmint.

    Go Ahead...Make My Day ("Dirt Cherry" Lemonade) **:  wild cherry and lemonade with a dash of vanilla

    Hot House **: sugared oranges and fresh squeezed lemons with a little kick of chili peppers.

    In Your Own Sweet Way **: the ultimate peach lemonade!

    Night Dreamer **:  classic lemonade with fresh blackberries and a touch of herbal sage.

    Night In Tunisia **: a fruity collaboration of lemons, blueberries, watermelon and blackberries.

    One Step Beyond **: strawberries and raspberries and blackberries, Oh MY!  This one is a blend of ten berry scents, including Acai berry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Huckleberry, Mulberry, Pearberry, Rio Rumberry, Strawberry and Sun Ripened Raspberry.  It's the berriest lemonade ever!

    Out of Nowhere **: Who would have thought that these would blend so beautifully?  But they do! Fresh mango and ripe papaya with sweetened lemonade.

    Passion Dance **: otherwise know as "pink lemonade", this is a blend of classic lemonade and grape.

    Scrapple From The Apple **: exotic dragon fruit and apple lemonade. Yummy!

    Silhouette **: ripe strawberries, kiwi fruit and lemonade.

    Straight, No Chaser **: blueberry lemonade with a hint of lavender.

    The Firecracker **: Lemon-Limeade with fresh cucumbers and ripe melons. 

    Together Again For The First Time **: so refreshing! Watermelon raspberry lemonade.

    Triste **:  A trio of fruity goodness!  Lemonade with blueberries and wild cherries. 


    ***These scents are included in the sampler. Please do not ask for substitutions.***

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