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  • Custom 8 oz. Mini Blocks (blenders)

    Please type in the exact scent name (from our scent list) that you would like this item to be made in.

    Custom 8 oz. bag of Mini Blocks (blenders). You choose the scents!  You can have your mini blocks in one of two ways:

    Blended (all scents chosen will be blended together to create ONE scent)

    - or - 

    Single Scent Mixers: each bag will contain 1/3 of scent #1, 1/3 of scent #2 and 1/3 of scent #3 (or 1/2 & 1/2 if you only choose two scents) and may be a mix of colors depending on the scents you choose.

    This items is Made To Order. You may choose up to three scents.

    To order, please type your scent selections (exactly as shown in our scent list) into the boxes upon ordering, AND the way you'd like your mini blocks created (blended or single scent mixers).  If you need assistance with knowing what a fragrance is, the scent list is located at the top of this page -  and you can choose from any of our over 700 scents!