Waxmosphere Squeezable Molten Wax, Tie-Dyed Wax Melts, Goobers and more!
  • 1-Year LARGE Melt Box Subscription

    PLEASE DO NOT Use the "Add To Cart" button. 

    Instead, please use the "SUBSCRIBE" button below.

    1-Year Large Melt Box subscription - Your subscription will begin depending on the date you subscribe (shipping schedule is listed below).  

    Each box will contain a variety of old favorites, current scents, and quite possibly new “yet-to-be-launched” scents. The individual fragrances will be a surprise based on the month/season and will be different every month. Boxes contain approximately 2 pounds of goodness!

    This subscription box will contain the following:
    • Twelve – 2 oz. Cup scent shots
    • One - 4 oz. Bag of “shapies” (shapes depend on time of year/season) 
    • One – 4 oz. Molten Wax 
    • PLUS two gifts (gifts may be from the "sister" companies, Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique or The Turdminator)!
    Price includes Priority Mail Shipping to the USA (only).  If you live outside of the USA, an invoice will be emailed to you each month of your subscription term - with the additional shipping fees to get your package into your country. You however, are responsible for any taxes, customs, etc. Once the invoice with additional shipping fees is paid, your package will be shipped to you. 


    If you subscribe between:

    December 16th and January 15th, your first box will ship February 1st - 5th.
    January 16th and February 15th, your first box will ship March 1st - 5th.
    February 16th and March 15th, your first box will ship April 1st - 5th.
    March 16th and April 15th , your first box will ship May 1st - 5th.
    April 16th and May 15th, your first box will ship June 1st - 5th.
    May 16th and June 15th, your first box will ship July 1st - 5th.
    June 16th and July 15th, your first box will ship August 1st - 5th.
    July 16th and August 15th, your first box will ship September 1st - 5th.
    August 16th and September 15th, your first box will ship October 1st - 5th
    September 16th and October 15th, your first box will ship November 1st - 5th
    October 16th and November 15th, your first box will ship December 1st - 5th. 
    November 16 and December 15th, your first box will ship January 2nd - 5th.

    Payments must be completed in advance of your scheduled melt box.

    By subscribing to the Monthly Melt Box, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this subscription. Cancellations will be allowed only per written request, sent via email using our "contact us" page. Once your request has been authorized, your subscription will be suspended or cancelled and you will not receive any further billing.