Waxmosphere Squeezable Molten Wax, Tie-Dyed Wax Melts, Goobers and more!

Don't know what "shapies" look like?    Not sure what a "No Frills" Melt is?  This page will show you! 

1 oz. Tart : 

2 oz. Scent Shot cups (contains approximately 1.8 oz. of wax):


4 oz. "No Frills" Melts:


6 oz. & 8 oz. Scoopable:

Hand-Dipped Chocolate Truffles (Seasonal - Valentine's Day)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries 4-Pack (Seasonal - Valentine's Day)


Fresh Baked Cookies Sampler

"Shapies" - Fangs (seasonal - Halloween)

Mini Blocks

"Shapies" - Hearts

Mini Flower Cupcakes

"Shapies" - Smiley Faces

"Shapies" - Fishies

"Shapies" - Flamingos

Wax Brittle



Easter Eggs (Seasonal - Easter)

Assorted Chocolates  (Seasonal - Valentine's Day)

"Shapies" - Skulls (Seasonal - Halloween)

Large Chunks (discontinued)


Angel Cakes (discontinued)


Molten Wax


Donut Sampler

1 oz. Flower Melts

Micro Loaves (4 oz.)


"Shapies" - Flip Flops

"Shapies" - Flowers

Custom Loaves: