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2020 Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique Scent List

(scents with a ** are my own house blends)

Aladdin’s Wish: crisp orange, bergamot and aromatic tea leaves dance across a dry desert, while nuances of geranium, violet and seductive warm woods and sheer musk take you on a magic carpet ride of pure enchantment.

* Coming Soon! Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit (BBW type): a playful yet juicy fragrance of tropical passionfruit, kiwi and pineapple intertwined with fresh coconut that encompasses a sunny beach day.

A Thousand Wishes: a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème.

Ava's Bath (LU*SH Avobath Type): strong lemongrass, bergamot and citrus.

Back In Five Minutes**: like the old time lavender candies, this one is sweet!

Badedas: a classic blend used in the spas of Germany, France and Belgium. This is an upscale blend of fresh and invigorating leafy greens and florals, basil, citrus, amber and musk.

* Coming Soon! Baltic Amber (Voluspa type): rich amber, sandalwood and soothing musk with light hints of fresh citrus and exotic florals.

Bamboo Cypress: an excellent unisex scent which is fresh and earthy with notes of orange and lemon along with crisp green bamboo. Hints of rose, cedar and clove harmoniously dance on a base of oriental spice, patchouli, and ylang ylang.

Barbershop 1920's: amber and rum with a light note of musk and Bay make this irresistible.

Be A Mermaid and Make Waves: a fruity oceanic scent. Beach plum and hibiscus with sweet pea, heliotrope, cassis, white cedar and tonka bean.

Beach Daisies: you can smell the fresh spring flowers and green grass while walking on the warm sands! Asian lemongrass, dune grass, daisy petals, gardenia, ylang ylang, clove leaf, blond woods, amber sands, and sheer musk.

Beautiful Day (type): sun-kissed apple, dewy pear, sparkling cassis, wild daisies, lily of the valley, fresh pink peony, white peach and blonde woods. 

Berry Kiwi Kiss: refreshing notes of assorted berries, ripe kiwi & rich vanilla.

Bird of Paradise: fresh exotic floral with hints of vanilla, strawberry and coconut.

Black Amethyst: mandarin orange with Italian bergamot, camellias, lime and florals of lily, jasmine and rose with touches of exotic sandalwood and vetiver.

Black Coconut (YC type): rich coconut, star anise, cedar wood and island blossoms.

* Coming Soon! Black Orchid (Tom Ford W type): a timeless fragrance with a heart consisting of black orchid, more imaginary than real, and of arboraceous and spicy scents.

Blue Sugar: envision the sweetness of pink sugar, but with a clean, spicy, woodsy flair... that's blue sugar!

* Coming Soon! Blueberry Sugar (BBW type): a delicious blend of fresh blueberries accentuated by warm brown sugar in a graham cracker crust is sure to make your mouth water.

Bombshell (type): bright citrus unfolds into a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples and red berries. A floral bouquet of wood rose, muguet and jasmine lend heart as sweet amber and white musk add longevity.

Bora Bora: sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves, and musk.

Bourbon, Strawberry & Vanilla (BBW type): A luscious refresher of bourbon vanilla, garden strawberry and apricot nectar. 

Bum Bum (Sol de Janiero type): a creamy, warm dessert with a mix of pistachio, buttery caramel, and nuts.

Cactus Flower & Jade: sweet agave and watery aloe with fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, and a touch of patchouli.

Calypso Coconut **: an amazing blend of green coconut, copper coconut and black coconut.

Candied Violets **: wild violet petals with hints of strawberry, wild goji berries and ripe raspberry, sweetened with pink spun sugar. A delicious treat for your nose!

Carousel Cotton Candy: a sweet, spun sugary treat!

Cashmere: fresh linen, citron, white cyclamen, ivy, rose petals, tonka bean, Patchouli and warm amber.

Cedar Wood: a perfect unisex blend with the fresh scent of cedar, like the inside of a hope chest! (made with cedar essential oil).

Champagne Toast (BBW type): an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.

China Rain (type): like the body oil and incense of the 70's, China Rain is a refreshing and clean aroma; with notes of fresh rose petals, wisteria, cyclamen, sandalwood and smooth vanilla.

Chocolate Amber (BBW type): sensual amber infused with sweet berries, milk chocolate and soothing vanilla.

Chocolate Orchid: like a true chocolate orchid, a fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate.

* Coming Soon! Comfort (BBW type): a seamless blend of soothing vanilla and warm patchouli define this wonderful fragrance.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow **: A sweet treat that smells good enough to eat (but please don't)!

Daffodil Dreams: the beautiful aroma of freshly picked spring daffodils with soft notes of jasmine, chamomile, lily of the valley, jasmine and white musk.

Dark Kiss (BBW type): berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense, and night musk in this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions.

Effervescent Fizzy Pop: Bubbly lime, sweet pineapple, lemon and orange. This is just like the Pop Rocks Candy you loved as a kid!

Egyptian Musk: warm, sensual and very calming, this scent is rich, full-bodied and is a mysterious and haunting fragrance. You can imagine cleopatra, herself, embodying herself in this regal fragrance. It is often used to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life.

Euphoric Majestya provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, black orchid, lotus blossoms, amber, mahogany, black violet, greenery and cream.

Fairy Nectar: Zesty citrus top notes over a delectable base of creamy cocoa, vanilla and butterscotch will leave your senses craving for more. Swirling fresh orange & chocolate... yum!

Forever Red (type): Beautiful, sophisticated and sexy! Fiery pomegranate, French peach, apple, Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus, rich vanilla rum, marshmallow and Oak.

Free Spirit: this scent literally exudes warmth, sensuousness and subtle sexiness. Bergamot, lemon and pettigrain with woodsy notes of mahogany, frankincense, cedarwood and touches of patchouli, vanilla and musk.

* Coming Soon! Fresh Sparkling Snow (BBW type): orange zest, melon balls and wild berries with a hint of exotic musk.

Fruity Loops: just like the cereal!

F*cking Fabulous (Tom Ford type):

Ginger Essence: fresh, spicy ginger and warm musk.

Gingham (type): fresh blend of bright florals & a touch of sweet citrus. It has note of sweet clementine, soft violet petals and blue freesia. Intoxicating!

Ginseng Fusion: bergamot, Mexican lime and California orange with jasmine, ginger, ginseng, clove buds, grated nutmeg, cool mint, a hint of white rose and white musk.

Havana Nights: a spicy floral with notes of spiced citrus, fresh water lily, sensual jasmine petals, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, dark musk, and amber.

* Coming Soon! Holiday Sparkle: fresh blue spruce, tart apple cider, juicy cranberry, and sweet plum.

Honey Lavender Gelato: French lavender infused with blackberry, raspberry, creamy vanilla, Tonka bean and honey.

In The Stars (BBW type): a sparkling, warm blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber.

Island Orchid: a rich blend of orchids and plumeria with hints of ripe mandarin orange.

Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW type): cherry blossom, sensual white lily and blushing violet petals blended with a hint of warm vanilla.

Japanese Pear & Ginseng: a "clean and fresh" Far-East fusion of green Japanese pear with bold, red ginseng, hints of peach blossom, amber and musky vanilla.

Lavender: (herbal) wonderful aroma of a true lavender flower. Clean and relaxing.

Lavender & Spring Apricot (BBW type): soothing herbal lavender, bright, crisp apple, succulent pomelo and sun-kissed apricot will whisk you away to fields of lavender in bloom and apricot orchards in the springtime!

Lavender Marshmallow (BBW type): a sweet, soothing mix of lavender, vanilla marshmallow & amber.

Let Them Eat Cake (Tokyo Milk type):  a touch of decadence: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid & white musk.

Linden Blossoms: sparkling Italian mandarin and Japanese loquat mingle with linden blossom, pink magnolia, and freesia, while gorgeous florals of rose, lily, and jasmine sits atop sweet amber.

Love Spell (VS type): an absolutely tantalizing fragrance composed of a sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, raspberries and white musk.

Magic In The Air (BBW type): citrusy-fresh fruits & melon, with touches of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, apple, sandalwood, musk & sweet vanilla.

* Coming Soon! Mango Mai Tai (BBW type): succulent mango nectar and the fragrant nuances of jasmine lei flower intermingle with sun-kissed grapefruit and the Oahu island scents of sugarcane. The base has the sweet aroma of the state tree of Hawaii - The woody tonalities of the kukui tree which blends harmoniously to enhance this special, exotic fragrance.

Marshmallow Fireside: toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods.

Mermaid Kisses & Starfish Wishes **: sweet! Juicy peach, mandarin orange, grapefruit, cranberry, rose, cognac, musk and a dash of bitters.

Mimosa Mandarin: mandarin orange, citrus, peach, pink grapefruit and strawberry with light touches of jasmine, apple, plum, raspberry and vanilla.

Misbehavin'the tantalizing aroma of sweet juicy candied apples and pomegranate, with nuances of fresh ivy and oakmoss.

* Coming Soon! New York Nights (Bond #9 type): a unisex Oriental vanilla fragrance that exudes the deep richness of coffee and sweet caramel. Creamy and seductive.

Nose Candy **: bubble gum and rock candy with cotton candy.

* Coming Soon! Olympea (Paco Rabinne type): fragrant jasmine notes, tart Mandarin orange and pleasant ginger flowers intertwine with creamy vanilla and sea salt, with cashmere wood, desert sandalwood and ambergris to enhance and complete this fragrance.

Palo Santo (BBW type): a sweet but very mild sage, vanilla, mint, citrus and cedar scent which is closely related to Frankincense.

Patchouli Passionsmoky, deep patchouli softened with just a hint of spiciness and sweetened with a dash of honey.

Peppered Suede (White Barn type):  lavender and bergamot are a winning combo for creating a relaxing setting, while amber wood and black pepper add spicy, smoky notes.

* Coming Soon! Pink Apple Punch (BBW type): sweet and juicy pink lady apples, spicy cinnamon and honey intermingle with fruit punch having hints of succulent peach. Subtly sweet nutmeg and watery melon harmoniously blend with warm musk, creamy vanilla, the tropical scent of coconut and sweet caramel to unite and enhance this fresh, gourmand fragrance.

Pink Chiffon: hints of exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla and whipped chiffon musk.

* Coming Soon! Pink Fresh & Clean (VS type): the crispy freshness of red apple coupled with the delicate, sweet powdery nuances of lilies in full bloom and clean, fresh air after a gentle rain.

Pink Sugar (aquolina type): pink sugar will take you on a passage through the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a mischievous blend of vanilla, caramel, orange, raspberry, strawberry, cotton candy, musk and soft powder.

Plumeriatropical islands and exotic fantasies abound with this floral aromatic scent of jasmine, mimosa and florentine iris!

Pure Paradise (type): an island fantasy inspired by white sand beaches, endless blue skies and clear turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. This alluring fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani and water lily drenched in sun-kissed coconut and white musk.

Purple Sandalwood: warm, heady sandalwood and bouquets of aromatic violets, the scent is balanced with notes of cashmere woods, peach blossoms, french lavender buds and creamy vanilla with a base of white musk.

Raindrop Kissesfreshly cut spring grasses mingle effortlessly with essences of dew and crisp sparkling grapefruit. Delicate muguet and sweet peony intertwine with light musk and fragrant woods. 

River Rockcitrus notes of lemon and orange zest, with florals of lavender, lily of the valley and hints of driftwood, oakmoss and amber.

* Coming Soon! Santiago Huckleberry (Voluspa type): wild huckleberries mixed with hints of lemon peel, vanilla extract and sugar cane for a delightful fruity aroma.

Screaming Orchidgasm: Madagascar vanilla bean infused with delicate orchid petals and a touch of almond will make the senses fall in love!

Sea Minerals: a refreshing blend of ocean breeze and apple peel, cool notes of blue lotus and eucalyptus and refreshing touches of sea botanicals and sandalwood.

Snow Queen: refreshing citrus mingles with frosty nuances of rejuvenating wintergreen, brisk menthol, smooth tonka bean and mouthwatering essences of fluffy cotton candy.

* Coming Soon! Sparkling Icicles (BBW type): a bright refreshing blend of oakmoss and bergamot rounded out with a hint of fresh citrus.

Stop The Madness!: Hints of citrus with notes of jasmine, rose, sweet berries and light musky, woods.

Strawberry Kiwi: juicy sweet strawberries kissed with ripe kiwis.

Sugar Plum Berries: sugar plums, sweet holiday berries, and a hint of spruce all rolled in sugary goodness! This fragrance feels so Christmas!

Sugar Plum Fairy**: a bit on the lighter side, this yummy morsel is a sweet blend of fresh pomegranate, tangerine, peach, lemon drop, berry and musk are sweetened with vanilla and cotton candy.

Sunflower (type): a bright and lively scent. A wake-up call to your nose like the slap of ocean waves against bare legs. A truly unique floral!

Sunset Heat (Escada type): tropical mango, succulent papaya and juicy pineapple intermingle with sun-ripened peach. Fragrant hibiscus, creamy coconut and aromatic sandalwood blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fruity, floral, aromatic fragrance.

Sweet Ladya sophisticated and complex version of Pink Sugar (not as sicky-sweet) with more prominent citrus and green notes. It's a blend of spun-sugar, tangy raspberries, ripe strawberries, orange zest, creamy vanilla, green fig leaf, elegant white florals, fragrance bergamot and gooey caramel with whispers of exotic musk.

Sweet on Paris (bath & body works type): sugary and intriguing, wild blackberries, fresh lemon zest and creamy vanilla make up this bath and body works type.

* Coming Soon! Sweet Strawberries & Cream (BBW type): a sweet fragrance that evokes the delightful aroma of strawberries and soft cream.

The Dove (LU*SH Olive Branch type): notes of mandarin, lemon, orange and bergamot.

Tiki Beach (BBW type): warm vanilla musk, orchids, toasted coconut with essential oils.

Tobacco Vanille (TomFord type): spicy tobacco leaves are intertwined with rich vanilla. Masculine and sexy!

Tuscan Fields: indulge your senses with a trip to bright & beautiful tuscany! Rich blood orange with black raspberry and mirabelle plum enhanced by wisps of incense, pink peonies and burgundy rose, with subtle nuances of dark vanilla bean, vetiver, balsam, and sensual musk.

Twisted Mermaida scrumptious sweet blend of berries and citrus with hints of vanilla.

Twisted Unicorn: juicy mixed berries and bursts of citrus with sweet vanilla and sugary cotton candy!

Uptown Girlthe uptown girl is sophisticated, sweet and beautiful; coy with a sexy mysteriousness. Plum, forest fruits and bergamot with iris, orange blossom, soft white rose and hints of sandalwood, golden amber and musk.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine (type)tangy oranges and nectarines, balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut. 

Vanilla Kissed Chrysanthemumcherry blossoms, dewy citrus splash, and floral notes of lily of the valley, neroli, and chrysanthemum. Finished with a vanilla musk and sandalwood.

Vanilla, Mandarin & Bourbon (Antica Farmacista type): a truly delightful twist of rich, warm vanilla mingled with crisp mandarin orange and the sweet essence of bourbon. It's like a sophisticated, most delicious creamsicle for adults!

Vanilla Pearsweet, juicy pear with a warm vanilla glaze.

Vermont Honey Apple: Sweet apple, Anjou pear and hints of ripe nectarine paired with honey butter, vanilla sugar, coconut milk and soft musk.

Violet & Birch: violet& white birch with clove, orchid, cedar musk and amber. A calming and soothing unisex fragrance.

Waiting To Exhale: the crisp freshness of sea salt meets the luxurious richness of vanilla in a blend that is uniquely comforting and yet refreshingly spa like.

Weekend Partyjuicy hints of fresh apple and violet, jasmine, amber, sweet vanilla, sheer musk and warm woods.

White Tea & Ginger **: complex blend of green tea, fresh green citrus, lavender, jasmine, violet, ginger, rose, musk, and sandalwood.

Winterberry Wonder (BBW type): a fruity blend of red winterberry, ruby apple, sparkling cranberry, camellia blossom & icy vanilla.

XOXOLychee fruits, pineapple juice and passion fruit with hints of vodka and sparkling cassis, lemon peel and musk.